Terraria Releasing Next Week for XBLA / PSN

If, when you hit hour ten of playing Minecraft on Xbox you want a different flavor of open-world mining and construction, you should check out Terraria when it launches for XBLA on March 27 and PSN on March 26.

Even though everyone dismisses the game as a 2D Minecraft, I actually enjoyed Terraria a lot more for some reason. Something about it being 2D made it a lot less… boring. It doesn’t take as long to get down to cool stuff.

The game will cost $15 / 1200 MSP, so save your gold bricks accordingly.

  1. People who havent tried it tend to erroneously call it a MineCraft clone. They share some commonalities, but Terraria is far more Metroidvania platformer in an open world with crafting. With boss fights.

    If I could ever get the damn thing to connect to my friends Id play it way more.

  2. really excited

  3. ‘Terraria’ 2D graphics look great! Just looks like it would be fun to play…

  4. I’m keen to pick this up even though I have it on pc, how long I’ve been waiting for more content in that game I don’t care if I have to make the switch… Drop another 50 + hours into it

  5. I don’t call it a minecraft clone but I’m hilariously rubbish at it.

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