Square Enix Registers Tomb Raider Trademark

tomb raider reflections

In lieu of actual announcements about forthcoming games, sometimes the best predictor of what we can expect in the coming months is when a company files for new trademarks. A few weeks ago, Square Enix filed two: “Deus Ex Human Defiance” and “Deus Ex: The Fall.” While we have yet to hear back on what either one might actually be, we’ve had plenty speculation about what the trademarks could signify. (A movie? A sequel? Some DLC? WHAT?!)

Well, today SiliconEra reports that Square Enix has filed yet another trademark, this time for their recently relaunched action series, Tomb Raider. Whatever “Tomb Raider: Reflection” is, it’s obvious that it’s somehow related to the rebooted franchise. Might be DLC…might be a sequel…might be for the recently announced movie.

Your guess is as good as mine…but keep an eye out. Last year, Bethesda constantly filed trademarks that turned out to be DLC packs for Skyrim, and LucasArts previously filed trademarks for Star Wars 1313 and Star Wars First Assault before they were officially announced—though, the latter has yet to actually be revealed, and both might be in limbo. But that’s another story entirely.

SiliconEra via GameInformer

  1. Tomb Raider: Reflection – The backside of the game disc… GENIUS!!!

  2. I’m still pissed at you, Inside Gaming!

    How could you give Tomb Raider such a terrible review?!

    • Dude, go to escapistmagazine.com and find the Tomb Raider episode of Zero Punctuation. Yahtzee has issues with the exact same things Shibley did. And since Yahtzee, who always has a couple of issues with 90% of games he plays, probably won’t convince you alone, look at the comments on that video. A lot of people comment that they also had the same issues.

      Billy may not have given the game a user score of 3 on Metacritic, like some other guy I know, but he had problems that other people would later have, and he decided to represent them with an official review.

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