Kojima’s Tweets Seem to Confirm His Phantom Pain Involvement

kojima phantom pain

A post on Gematsu from yesterday points the way to a tweet from Metal Gear mastermind Hideo Kojima, which seems to confirm his involvement with the (fake) Moby Dick Studio’s The Phantom Pain.

In the image above, Kojima wrote about how he put lens flare in a trailer he’s editing—which, you know, clearly matches the style and design of The Phantom Pain stuff we saw at the Spike Video Game Awards from late last year, not to mention the official trailer we got shortly thereafter. And, of course, there’s the file-name in the image: TPP_GDC2013_720p_ESRB, which could easily be “The Phantom Pain, Game Developers Conference 2013,” etc.

So, yeah, I mean—it’s basically an open secret that Kojima is trolling the world with this thing, but it’s been so obvious that it raises all kinds of questions about what point he’s trying to make. Is this all a parody? Is the trolling itself a statement on the nature of information and rumor? Is Kojima pulling a double troll on us by making it so painfully obvious, and then announcing that, in fact, The Phantom Pain has nothing to do with Metal Gear?


Gematsu via GameInformer

  1. I’m still betting that Phantom Pain is either a tech demo being teased as a mystery game, or it is just a spinoff of the MGS series. Maybe Snake had an evil twin brother? :O

  2. It could be like, with MGS2 all the advertising was made to make you think Snake was the main charactor, when in reality Kojima was manipulating the fans and making them believe somethings real that wasn’t. It tied in perfectly with the actual game, Raiden being manipulated throughout the game believing he’s part of something that isnt even real. This could have something to do with the theme of the next MGS game. We’ve got “Ground Zeroes” Zeroes being plural representing more than one, and we have 2 different “games” being advertised. Could be connected

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