First Glimpse of Gameplay from Resident Evil 6 x Left4Dead 2

Last week, Capcom and Valve announced a crossover between Resident Evil 6 and Left4Dead 2, in which characters from Valve’s zombie survival game would be appearing in Capcom’s. The result is the gameplay trailer you see above—and, you know, a lot of people shooting zombies, and a lot of zombies eating people.

The crossover will be exclusive downloadable content for PC versions of Resident Evil 6, and—even better—it’ll be free. As you may have gleaned from the video, Left4Dead 2’s Coach, Nick, Ellis, and Rochelle will be playable Resident Evil 6 caharacters, while The Witch and the Mini Tank enemies will appear in No Mercy Mode.

Get ready for the crossover goodness to become available on April 5. Boosh.

  1. The new enemies is welcomed, but I’m still kinda upset about the lack of single player costumes. I beat RE4 hundreds of times just to unlock all the costumes and weapons. I played RE5 more than I played RE6’s disappointing campaigns. And I still wake up at night with cold sweats…

    Wesker: “CCCCCRRRRRRRRIIISSS’s campaign was f**ktarded!! I had a son WTF?!”

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