FFX and FFX-2 HD Remakes Announced for 2013 Releases

Today, Square Enix formally announced that high-definition remasters of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 (the one with guns) will be headed for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita sometime in 2013.

What? When in 2013? I don’t know. What am I, made of calendars?

The games will be included on one disc for the PS3, while it seems as though the Vita will have the opportunity to get each game separately. No Cross-Buy mentioned in the press release, but hopefully that could get thrown into the mix. How great would it be to play FFX on the PS3, then keep the game going on the bus a few minutes later on the Vita?

  1. No 360 release!!!?!!!??! Noooooooooooooooooooooo. Also. When I had the original FFX it was the euro version and had crap loads of extra content (Uber dark aeon bosses and and super super boss in the calm lands). Any intel if it will be that version or your more basic outing? Also can you buy me a Vita/PS3 and this? This is perhaps my all time favourite game…

  2. I wish they’d release this on the Xbox 360, but if they’re not then they should at least do Cross-Buy! It would give me a reason to keep my vita around :)

  3. FFX HD Remaster, animation looks good and i’m sure the story line, will be great to…

  4. Meh that’s kinda BS. We don’t want 10 or 10-2 remade. We want 4,5,6,7,8,9 remade in HD. Ugh dumbasses.

  5. lol.. FFVII HD remake never came out in the end..
    why would this be any different?

    • Because they never announced an FFVII HD in the first place?

      What they announced was a remastered version, which can be played in widescreen, so you can consider as much as an HD version as the endless stream of HD re-releases for PS3, and they delivered, it’s on the shop for 6 dollars.

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