Rumors Continue to Swirl Regarding LucasArts’ Future

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Ever since Disney took over LucasFilm, there have been questions regarding the future of LucasArts, the Star Wars-game-making division of the company that Luke built. For the last few weeks, we’ve heard that progress on Star Wars 1313 and First Assault have both been put on hold while Disney wants to focus the entirety of its resources on the new J.J. Abrams-helmed Episode VII. Today, GamesIndustry reports that the situation could be a bit worse than that.

According to unnamed sources, Disney’s purchase of the company has led to a hiring freeze, and “other rumors” that “questioned the future of the studio itself.” Well, that’s vague, isn’t it?

When reached for comment, a LucasArts representative said that the rumors are “one hundred percent not true” and that “everything is moving ahead.” And, as we all know, it’s impossible to prove a negative. “Prove you’re not shutting down!” we may shout, with the only possible response being, “well, we’re still here, aren’t we?”

But there have been some signs that could be interpreted as troublesome, like the aforementioned rumors of games being put on hold. Considering that First Assault was meant to come out sometime this spring, the lack of any official announcement doesn’t fill me with confidence. Fortunately, there’s this great thing called PAX East happening this weekend, which would be a great place for some top-tier, triple-A game like Star Wars 1313 to put in an appearance and remind everyone why we’re excited about it. If nothing else, we ought to see more at E3 if everything’s still good to go.

Until then, though, color me concerned…is the Force strong with this one?

Via GamesIndustry

  1. Well, looks like we need to do a Kickstarter for 1313 now…

  2. But what about Monkey Island?!

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