EA Again Up for “Worst Company” Award

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Last year, EA “won” the Consumerist’s “Worst Company in America” award, beating out the likes of Bank of America for the not-so-coveted “Golden Poo.” The awards are fought over in a March Madness-style bracket format, and since we’re hip-deep in March right now, the 2013 edition of the awards are back. EA’s been put into the contest again, currently going up against Anheiser-Bush parent company AB-InBev for the title.

While I’m all for populist rage and anti-corporate anger, may I submit that there are certainly worse companies out there?

Suspiciously missing are every single oil or gasoline company—you know, those companies that suck up natural resources in ways that are permanently damaging the planet, and doing so in a way that creates even more armed conflicts and strife the world over. And what about Monsanto, which patents its genetically modified crops and then sues small, independent farms that accidentally cultivate the company’s seeds when the wind blows them into their fields—essentially litigating someone else for their own mistakes? Or Dow Chemical, which still refuses to do anything about the Bhopal disaster in India? Or GE, which is responsible for dumping untold amounts of PCB chemicals into the Hudson River?

But, yeah, I totally see why you’re mad about SimCity.

It’s fun to get annoyed at companies that we feel are deserving of our ire, and bad customer service or sub-par products are definitely worth getting frustrated about. But let’s also keep some perspective: there are companies out there that actually do real damage to real people in the pursuit of profit. I’m going to take a bold stance here and say that, no matter how pissed off you were at EA during the SimCity launch—or really for anything they’ve done—they’re pretty far from America’s worst company, and probably shouldn’t really even be on this  list.

Just keep it all in perspective, you guys.

Via The Consumerist

    • It’s things like this that make it very hard for me to give a shit about the future of Humanity.

      • +1 Ditto

      • Well it’s a contest run by a consumerist website that’s based almost entirely in the US, the articles range from Senate legislations to moms complaining about their sons phone bill. If you’re putting your faith in humanity in that single website, then go ahead and be disappointed. It’s a competition for fun, not something that’s meant to influence big companies to change their methods of business. Have some faith, find it somewhere else than a bloody “Consumerist” website. Much love bro.

      • Yeah, a website that calls itself “The Consumerist” is probably only concerned with things that directly effect American consumers when they are buying goods and services, and that alone.

        Looking at it in that regard, this is either EA or Bank of America’s award. Although, steep gas prices negatively affect American consumers as well, so unless The Consumerist is actually bias towards those companies, I see no reason for Exxon-Mobil or some other oil company to not be included.

        However, I think it’s a bit early to do an award for THIS YEAR’S WORST COMPANY. It’s only been three months.

        Or is it based in fiscal years…?

  1. I agree. I’ve enjoyed many of the games EA has released. If this SimCity screw-up happened over the summer, people would be over it already and they would not be on the list. But the oil companies piss me off everytime I fill my car or home fuel tank. They deserve to win.

  2. Mhm mm. All this free publicity sure tastes good.

  3. Are you people f****ng kidding me? EA does nothing but put out games that people love to play. But you still think they deserve the worst company in America? That’s just wrong. They put out games like battlefield, the Sims, and mass effect. Games people love. Banks take money from people all the time. Oil companies cause wars. And you people get angry about online passes? That’s just pathetic.

  4. At least one of those companies should win, I mean cmon the planet is more important than a shitty publisher companie that most gamers hate, if that happens I hope EA gets 2nd place

  5. I sense a tree hugging, “99%”, liberal.

    In all seriousness, this isn’t really taken that seriously. It’s more an attempt to get EA to realize that we aren’t happy with them.

  6. This guy was probably bribed by EA.

  7. The problem is that the other companies mentioned have long-term effects, and aren’t as noticeable as the immediate lack of servers/microtransactions/etc. that EA have. The others are undoubtedly worse, but its the whole availability heuristic thing going on. They are in the front of our minds, so they’re the obvious choice.

  8. The EA story is just really tragic and is possibly becoming a metaphor for the mounting problem of big companies trying to control their customers rather than provide goods and services the customers want. There has been a detachment from the consumer and a pervasive attitude that consumers are to be herded. Consumers money is what this is all about and people are fed up with not having their needs met. The SimCity situation is further tragic as it represents the withholding of a brilliant educational product from millions of people and young minds around the world with no internet connection. I can see why EA is at the top of consumerists list.

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