Check Out this Trailer for Double Fine’s New Game

So, we can all agree: the Microsoft Kinect is pretty much a flop. But while the first iteration of the motion-tracking gaming peripheral hasn’t lived up to expectations, that doesn’t mean that people aren’t interested in the possibilities of motion-based computer interactions. That’s where the Leap Motion Controller—an apparently very accurate motion sensor for the computer—comes in. And, similarly, that’s where Double Fine’s new game, Dropchord, also comes in.

As you can see in the trailer above, there’s a techno-rhythm-puzzle-style thing going on, and above all, it looks like a pretty cool experience. Will it be a fun game? It will probably be fun—this is Double Fine after all. But it seems to be lacking kooky characters and self-aware dialogue that make Double Fine titles so memorable. The game’s official website notes that this is being made by the same team at DF who worked on Happy Action Theater and Kinect Party, so at the very least, these are people who have experience making the most of motion-controlled gaming.

That Dropchord is not apparently coming out for the Kinect—either on the Xbox or the PC—speaks volumes about how poorly that device has managed to deliver on its promises. And it also seems to point to the Leap’s potential…color me interested…

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