Carmageddon Drives to Next-Gen


Carmageddon: Reincarnation has gone from barely existing in June 2011 to Kickstarting like a boss in May 2012 and now… to consoles yet unannounced. Quite the trip.

Thanks to a private investment of $3.5 million, Carmageddon: Reincarnation will now appear on the PlayStation 4 and next Xbox.

However, this was originally intended to be a limited-in-scope downloadable game. How can it go from that to the bombast of next-gen?

In an interview with Eurogamer, Stainless Games Publishing Director Jason Garber admitted that they probably won’t match the glitz of Killzone 4, but the game will still be fun enough to justify retail.

“I don’t see any reason with the assets we’re currently producing that we shouldn’t be up there with the others,” Garber said. “But what we really focus on, in terms of the game, is the way it plays and the fun factor. As far as we’re concerned, the true triple-A quality of a game should come out of the gameplay, not out of how bloody shiny it is.”

For more details about the current state of Carmageddon, check out the full interview on Eurogamer. There’s some great details and insights in there from middle-tier development that will probably grow in size over the coming generation of hardware.

[via Eurogamer]

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