Phantom Pain Interview Reveals Absolutely Nothing

The teased interview with Moby Dick Studios Joakim N. Mogren occurred on GameTrailers TV last night, revealing absolutely nothing about the game at all. Instead, we learned that poor Mr. Mogren suffered some sort of accident that covered his face completely in bandages. I hope this is a reference to the 1998 point-and-click adventure gameĀ Sanitarium, but I know it isn’t and that is sad.

Instead, Mogren teased a reveal at GDC, which starts on March 25. So there’s that I guess.

Personally, I think this extended prank / PR stunt is hilarious. Game makers used to have senses of humor before tightly-controlled PR and way-too-serious fans beat it out of them. Let’s enjoy that there’s still at least one developer out there that’s willing to create some fun and mystery around game development again.

Also, how can you beat this face?


You cannot.

[via GameTrailers TV]

  1. They said it is running on FOX engine, which is Kojima’s new engine. It’s the new Metal Gear Solid.

  2. I was thinking this was related to Ground Zeroes, but now I get the feeling it’s just a demonstration of their Fox Engine.

  3. forget that his first name is an anagram for Kojima, metal gear solid 5 reveal when ground zeroes isn’t even out? still love MG series anyways

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