External HD Required for LEGO City Undercover Downloads

lego city hd

The official website for LEGO City Undercover, the new Wii U exclusive game set for release on Sunday, says that gamers who want to buy and download digital copies of the title must have an external hard drive. According to a post on CVG about the advisory, LCU weighs in at a pretty massive 22GB, so those of us with the basic Wii U console have to take advantage of external storage solutions for digital copies of the game.

Not only that, but as the post rightly points out, even the deluxe Wii U’s 32 GB hard drive is largely taken up by the console’s OS, meaning that an external HD would be a pretty good idea for digital customers there, too.

It’s not too surprising that the game is so huge. I reviewed LEGO City Undercover earlier this week and absolutely loved it, but one of the biggest drawbacks is how ridiculously long the load times tend to be. As an open-world game, it makes sense that it’s got a lot of data to get ready, and once you’re playing, the game is pretty great at keeping the action moving without any interruption (as long as you don’t go into a mission or go back to Police HQ). I wonder whether or not installing the game to your hard drive could possibly reduce the load times, though probably only if the external drive is really fast, or is solid state. And, to be honest, I’m not sure whether the Wii U can handle an SSD.

All of this is me rambling—you can probably just buy the physical game and enjoy your life. Because you should buy it in some form: it’s excellent.


  1. The Deluxe WII U has 32 GB of storage space? That’s so fantastically 2002.

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