Battlefield 4 Reveal Coming March 26


Forummancer Wario64 posted the following image via Twitter:


Whether this is a legit piece of promotional art or a clever internet ruse is up in the air.

However, assuming it’s legit, there are a few interesting thematic bits in this image. First, the Battlefield logo showcases the same RGB cathode color separation that was a strong visual element in promo material for Battlefield 3. Also, this is small, but it’s weird that you can totally see the soldier man’s face. Most promo materials for war shooters feature generic characters with obscured faces, the implication being that the badass orange/blue soldier man is YOU.

This might show more of a story focus in the campaign for Battlefield 4. To be fair, BF3 had a campaign with some cool story moments, but mostly it was a silly and disposable Clancy-esque action movie. Not even a good one either; Sum of all Fears Clancy-esque.


As predicted a million times over by IG staff, Battlefield 4 will be unveiled at GDC 2013 on March 26. This news comes from Geoff Keighley, who apparently alternates between saying nothing and saying something:

Since the game has been demoed behind closed doors, it was only a matter of time until a full, public reveal followed.

So far, we know the game will be available on current and next-gen systems, which is a pretty big deal when you consider Battlefield’s whole steez is large-map warfare. With the horsepower no longer restrained by old systems, I can’t wait to see the kind of visuals and gameplay DICE will crank out of it.

Here’s hoping the game appearing on current-gen systems won’t hold it back too much.

[via Twitter]

  1. Please don’t have annoying sun glare/flashlights, and don’t put a color filter over every map, and lose the stupid dubstep sound music crap, and how about some better building destruction, or planes that actually haul ass, lose the campaign (even though BF3’s was pretty cool) add more co-op, maybe 4 player co-op Socom style stealthy shit. Ship it with a few more (and better designed) maps. AND IF YOU HAVIN GIRL PROBLEMS I FEEL BAD FOR YOU SON!

  2. I will not do the same mistake i DID for Battlefield 3.

  3. No more overseas players in usa servers lagging hit detection. No more

  4. Anyone getting tired of all these military shooters yet?

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