Super Metroid Symphony Coming March 19

This is a cool project for the audiophile gamers out there. Synthetic Orchestrator Blake Robinson is re-orchestrating the Super Metroid’s score with some great-sounding orchestral samples.

The album will be available through iTunes and Loudr on March 19, and before you cry foul at buying a video game remix album, there’s actually a very good reason for that. This album is appropriately licensed, unlike most remix releases. Publishers usually don’t care about slapping down the little guy, but according to Robinson, a project of this magnitude should and had to be aboveboard.

Look at it this way — you have the chance to digitally purchase a re-orchestration of one of video game’s best scores, and support the music writers and orchestrators in the process. Pretty cool, no?

If you’re interested, check out the album’s website for some previews.

  1. So excited for this. Love Metroid

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