Flipnote Studio Announced for 3DS

This is not something I expect many people will be excited about, but I sure as hell am.

In a Nintendo Direct Mini published yesterday, Creepy Satoru Iwata Head showcased Flipnote Studio 3D for the Nintendo 3DS. This is an extension to Flipnote Studio that originally appeared on the DSi.

In the application, you can make basic animations with sound recorded from the 3DS microphone. The animations are usually pretty short — equivalent to doodling frames on a flip book then fanning it so you see them play in order.

So why is this a deal? Flipnote Studio was amazing, for one. Thanks to an online sharing service called Hatena, people could share their flipnotes around and develop weird hoarding tendencies over a digital star currency that really did nothing at all.

On top of it, Hatena showed an incredible mix of talent as well as provided a window into the minds of some very bored 14 year olds. There were a lot of “10 reasons why Justin Bieber sucks” flipnotes, which oddly all featured terrible penmanship. Did you know he sounds like a girl and that’s stupid? I do.

I used to check in on the Flipnote Hatena every few days and would always be amazed at what I’d find in there, both good and bad. I have similarly high hopes for Flipnote Studio 3D.

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