Sony Stores in US Drop Vita Price by $100

vita price cut

A post on Joystiq from last night reports that Sony stores across the United States have dropped the price of the PlayStation Vita by a hundred bucks. The price has gone from $299.99 to $199.97 for a bundle including the 3G-enabled model, which also comes with an 8GB memory card (usually retails for $29.99) and a voucher for a free PSN game with the purchase of a data plan.

The post reports that nearly every location that was called for the story (that was still open as the story went to press) had the price lowered at their store, with some saying the drop was permanent, and others saying the sale would only be on for a limited time. One employee said that the 3G model was being discontinued, which accounted for the sale. Meanwhile, other locations hadn’t heard anything about the sale—so, you know, that’s pretty weird.

Even stranger is the fact that when Sony announced last month that they’d be reducing the price of the Vita in Japan, they said about a day or so later that the price of the handheld console in other territories around the world would stay right where it was. Days after the system’s price dropped in Japan, sales of the system quintupled—that means that it sold five times as many as it had a week before.

So is this drop merely a precursor to a more widespread, official price cut? Is this sort of a pilot program to see how quickly the cheaper consoles move? Or is the 3G version simply being phased out, and as such, being shoved out the door before they can’t sell any?

How low would the price have to drop for you to get one? The system is great. Its lack of amazing, must-have games—not as much.

Via Joystiq

  1. Now if only they announced Soul Sacrifice NA release, I would buy one in a heartbeat.

  2. Announce an Irrational Games title like Bioshock Infinite and I’m sold.

  3. Sony has their own store? I never saw one.

  4. Mine’s just collecting dust. I’m never wasting money on another hand-held by Sony unless it’s been out for a long time and has actually gotten good reviews (and any good games tbh). Nintendo all the way from now on.

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