Harmonix to Discontinue Dance Central DLC Releases

Following Rock Band, Harmonix announced today that March will have the last DLC release for Dance Central for the “near future.”

The announcement mentions that with all three Dance Centrals and DLC combined, there are over 200 tracks to awkwardly wiggle to, meaning there’s plenty of content for aspiring dancers.

Additionally, Harmonix will continue to support the community through live challenges and leaderboards.

I get discontinuing Rock Band support, but I have to admit this is a bit of a surprise. I assumed that since Ubisoft’s Just Dance routinely makes the top ten in yearly sales for all games ever that Dance Central was doing fine as well.

It simply may be the case that Harmonix doesn’t see much of a future in pursuing that content, profitability or no.

Either way, this is the second time (in my opinion anyway) that Harmonix has made a better rhythm game only to be blasted out of the market by a larger company. Rock Band was usurped with Guitar Hero saturation, and while Ubisoft has been much more judicious in releasing Just Dance titles, it seems that Dance Central has faded away under the monstrous success of its only real competitor.

Sucks too, because I always thought Dance Central was the better, more technical dancing game between the two. I guess I still haven’t played Dance Central 3 at all so my opinion isn’t worth much.

  1. Dat Gif

    but dlc for this kind of game hah

  2. I was honestly sure they’d be pumping sequels and DLC like madman cuz the game was selling. Guess Guitar Hero and Dance Central have more in common than I thought… Crashing and burning.

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