Microsoft Cancels Gore Verbinski Kinect Game

Way back in December of 2011, there was an announcement of a collaboration between Gore Verbinski—the director of Rango and the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies—and developer Blind Wink to create a new game for Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral. The game, revealed to be called Matter, had a teaser trailer shown at E3 last summer…and now it’s been canceled.

The news comes from a post on Joystiq, which offers up a quote from a Microsoft representative:

“Microsoft Studios is no longer pursuing this title. WE have no further details to share at this time.”

Why? How? What happened? What the hell is up with that ball in the trailer? Did the ball have unreasonable contract demands? Did Johnny Depp not want to play the ball in the movie version? Someone tell me what’s happening!

In truth, of course, this isn’t too great a tragedy. It seems as though after Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor bombed last year, the hope for this generation’s Kinect pretty much fizzled with it. Now that the device has been truly exposed for the piece of imperfect technology that it is, there’s really no reason to invest much in games for it that will fail to deliver.

The downside, of course, is that we’ll never get to see what kind of trippy, crazy video game Gore Verbinski had up his sleeve. Ah, well.

Via Joystiq

  1. Yeah I thought this whole thing was stupid to begin with

  2. It was actually one of the few Kinect titles that would make me consider using the damn thing for other than “Xbox: Open Tray”

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