CD Projekt’s Managing Director Speaks Out Against DRM


Given all the hubbub about DRM and SimCity, it’s not surprising that anti-piracy issues pop up in interviews. When talking with GamesIndustry, CD Projekt Managing Director and Studio Head Adam Badowski reiterated the company’s firm anti-DRM stance.

“Our DRM strategy has shown that it changes nothing,” Badowski said. “There’s exactly the same number of pirated games whether you have it or not, and DRM is always painful for legal users. It wasn’t really a smart decision, it’s just reality.”

Normally statements like this would smack of populism; devs just telling their audience what they want to hear. However, I’m more inclined to believe it from CD Projekt. Their service is 100% DRM free, and they’ve been making it work. In fact, they claim to be the #2 independent digital distribution network behind Steam.

Badowski notes that GoG is also behind Origin, but he sees that as more of an EA-exclusive vehicle than a full digital distribution platform.

He also commented on CD Projekt’s use of mature material in their games.

“Sex is a part of almost everybody’s everyday life. We’re always as mature as we can be – we want controversial scenes in our games, but not in terms of being over the top,” Badowski said. “They’re just a normal element of any interesting story, so we want to treat them in that way, as a part of normal life and stories.”

Really the whole interview is just a series of awesome sentiments from someone who can actually back up a creative-first approach with real results. Definitely check it out if you’re getting a little jaded on some of the unfortunate business realities in the gaming industry of late.

[via GamesIndustry]

  1. Yay sex and no DRN!

  2. These guys look at the word “Mature” in the same way a 13 year old does.
    Tits every 30 minutes and too many un-needed “fuck”s and “cunt”s

    I’m not offended or anything, just trying to say The Witcher 2 sucked.

    • Though, props to them for being against DRM

    • I think it’s more up to how each person takes these more mature scenes. Some just find them shallow but they add a lot to stories and immersion. I mean, they do the same with movies and books, and other games. I’m glad there are more games with characters you can interact with at deeper levels with (And now I don’t mean sex), currently there are so few. I can only think of Bioware games besides this.

      • Agreed.

        The CD Projekt Red team has an intention of crafting a game that doesn’t sugar coat the dark aspects and ambiguous morality of the world and characters with excessive censorship and some “battle between good and evil”. That is mature in the good sense of the word (i.e. responsible) as they can craft the worlds of their games how they want to. It’s some of the gamers who exploit/perceive the content in immature fashion. That can happen with any form of art and entertainment.

        It reminds me of the novel Ulysses by James Joyce, in that Joyce wrote the novel in stream-of-consciousness (i.e. the text is exactly what thoughts are passing through the main character’s head) and so had a detailed depicition of sexual content and limited censorship throughout because if that was what happened, then that was what the character should realistically think of.

        While the guards and peasants in Witcher 2 do tend to utter numerous curses, that fits their characters as they are usually supposed to be harsh and short-tempered individuals. All things considered, though, there actually isn’t as much strong language in Witcher 2 as there is in GTAIV, Far Cry 3, and Bulletstorm (and a few others I can think of, especially LA Noire), and definitely not as much as some Tarantino and Scorcese films. Or, at least, 95% of it isn’t impactful enough for me to remember.

        Also, the sexual content is actually tastefully done, as Badowski discusses, not over-the-top and ridiculous. The intent is the same as Rockstar’s likely intent with the regards to the one part with Reyes in Red Dead Redemption (although that was more repulsive, but that was the point in that situation).

        And, if anything, this content that I (and Badowski) have just reffered to, is detail that can easily be ignored. CDPR just try to make sure the elements, even the small extraneous ones, all fit together cohesively.

      • I accept your opinion, but still stand by my statement.

      • Well, to each their own or agree to disagree or whatever other statement means the same as those two.

        You’re respectful about it, which is more than most can say. I definitely accept your opinion as well, as no piece of art is universally perfect. Still think I see where the devs are really coming from so I will stand by my statement as well.

        If they have problems showing the true maturity and complexity of their design due to the issues that you mentioned, then, in the end, it just shows that they are human.

      • No, Zantaros! We get no free will! Accept THE answer and forever remain a cog in the ever turning clock of dementia and despair! MwaAHahaHAHAAA!!!

  3. Can I hug you, CDPR?

  4. Wasn’t it CD Projeckt Red that was actively hunting down and charging users who pirated copies of The Witcher I or II of theft? I gotta say, it’s a bit funny.

  5. What is the name of Le game on the picture.

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