Is More Far Cry 3 Content On The Way?


Far Cry 3 lead writer Jeffrey Yohalem recently revealed in an interview with Joystiq that some more Far Cry content could be headed our way. Whether this is in the form of a new game, supplementary content, DLC or simply Far Cry 4 is truly anyone’s guess.

When asked if Far Cry 3 and/or its characters will see more of the limelight, Yohalem answered in short:

“Yes. I’m working on something now that will be surprising, I think, when it’s announced. But it’s definitely is a ‘strike while the iron’s hot’ thing, and we’ll see.”

Shortly after the report was issued, the site received a tip from a Twitter user by the name of @lifelower, who recently dug up artwork for an XBLA game entitled Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Ubisoft nor Yohalem have since commented on the findings, but it’s certainly curiosity-inducing information to ponder nonetheless.

Perhaps it’s a single-player expansion that explains more of the ending? I’ll take two, Ubisoft!

[Source: Joystiq]

  1. Am I the only one who thought the ending was pretty straight forward? It came down to the Nietzsche quote “He who fights with Monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a Monster.” Or maybe I’m crazy and like Friedrich a little to much.

    • I didn’t like how abruptly it came. It had several climaxes, the story, and the ending was one of two scenarios. In the good ending, without spoilers, you see it unfold very briefly, with very little in the way of character resolution. Some great development going on throughout the game, but drops off hard in the final third.

      • I’d personally, if anything, like to see a First Blood kind of expansion. But yeah the last bit of the game was kinda mailman work and less “Let’s get the fuck out of here.”


    What’s to explain? Jason made it clear he was staying on the island yet they tried to make him kill his friends so he wouldn’t leave the island. Just accept that it was a ridiculous ending and stop looking for any further explanation.

  3. I always thought it’d be interesting if they made a DLC about how Vaas got to the position he was in, in terms of power. Like his back story

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