Willem Dafoe is in Beyond: Two Souls After All

Last summer, rumors surfaced that actor Willem Dafoe would be lending his voice and motion-captured acting to Quantic Dream’s PlayStation-exclusive Beyond: Two Souls, slated for an October 8 release. Shortly after the rumors appeared, though, they seemed to be denied by Quantic Dream’s own David Cage.

But today, Sony announced on the PlayStation Blog that Dafoe is, in fact, in the game—as you can see in the video above. Dafoe will be playing a government scientist who works with the game’s protagonist—Jodie, played by Ellen Page—to figure out and understand her ghost-talking powers. If nothing else, be prepared for some pretty solid video game acting in this thing.

The PlayStation Blog also mentions some pre-order bonuses for those who reserve the game through GameStop in the United States (or EB Games in Canada). What kinds of bonuses? A steelbook case, behind-the-scenes video features, the soundtrack, and a dynamic theme and avatar bundle for your PS3 business. I’ve never really understood the appeal of avatar items and themes and stuff, but if you’re into it, there you go.

Be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes interview with Dafoe on his role in the game below. Let us know what you think about Beyond: Two Souls. It was first unveiled back at E3 last summer, but it hasn’t gotten quite as much press as some of the other titles that were announced during the convention. Is this something you’re excited about? Or is Beyond not getting so much buzz because, well, there isn’t much to buzz about? Lay it on us.

Via PlayStation Blog


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