Rumor: Star Wars 1313 Progress on Hold?

A post on Kotaku from yesterday reports that development on Star Wars 1313, a game unveiled during E3 last summer, has been put on hold due to Disney’s purchase of LucasArts and the entire Star Wars franchise late last year. The post cites “three unrelated sources familiar with game development at LucasArts” who say that the game’s progress was halted shortly after Disney’s acquisition, and that the game’s planned late-2013 release window is now thrown into doubt.

The post’s sources claim that Disney’s management has reorganized LucasFilm’s gaming division, and that the main focus now will be on projects related to the recently announced “new trilogy” that is set to be at least partially helmed by J.J. Abrams. Since Star Wars 1313 was set to take place between the prequel trilogy and the “classic” trilogy, it wouldn’t tie into the new Episodes 7-9…potentially meaning it’s been axed, I suppose.

LucasArts, for its part, denies the rumors:

“LucasArts has been working diligently to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities that the new Star Wars movies present. Star Wars 1313 continues production.”

But regardless of that statement, the post’s sources claim that the production on the game has been put on indefinite hold. Until we hear more from those involved in the game’s production, or until we get more details or assets about the game moving forward, we’ll have to just sit and wait to hear more. Alas.

This is a bummer for a number of reasons, not least of which is the fact that everyone who’s seen or played the game so far has had nothing but praise for it. Not only that, but–at least in my eyes–Disney’s takeover of LucasFilm and the Star Wars franchise has been a net positive. I mean, it’s not like Star Wars movies could get much worse than the prequels, and if there’s one thing Disney knows how to do, it’s make an entertaining, solid bit of entertainment. But it’s a shame to hear that a promising title like 1313 might be headed for the Sarlaac Pit…

Via Kotaku

  1. It was put on hold.

    Damn it

  2. Oh my God!! Disney killed 1313!!!!!!!

  3. We’ll see at either PAX East or E3. I hope their developers have finally gotten past the transport stage and have entered into 1313.

  4. NO!!

    FFS! This was looking to be one of the best Star Wars games for… actually for a decade since KOTOR in 2003. If they have now axed it in favour of a shitty Movie tie in game, I will lose all hope for LucasArts and even Disney forever.

    You don’t mess with my Star Wars!

  5. “and if there’s one thing Disney knows how to do, it’s make an entertaining, solid bit of entertainment.”

    So, John Carter, Master Rubin?

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