Deep Silver Delays Metro Last Light to May

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The Metro first-person-shooter franchise was one of the casualties of THQ’s bankruptcy in January, and the property’s publisher rights were picked up by Deep Silver. While the newest installment in the franchise, Metro: Last Light, was originally set to be released this month, Deep Silver has opted to delay it until May 14 in North America, with a May 17 release worldwide.

The news came by way of the Facebook page for Metro, which first offered up a somewhat clever post teasing the transfer in the game’s ownership:


…..Artyom? Artyom are you there?

There was an incident on the rails at THQ Station. Not to worry, we have rerouted you via Deep Silver Station. Your journey should now be back on track … and it will be even more enjoyable, my friend. We are sending over information on your new travel plan shortly.

One last thing, Artyom. Beware the …


What? BEWARE THE WHAT?! Probably zombies on Dead Island. Anyway, the role playing was short-lived, as the new folks manning the Facebook page actually posted some details about the delay about an hour later:

Metro: Last Light will be released on MAY 14 (North America) and MAY 17 (Rest of the world) on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

The extra time will go towards a final layer of polish, in order to provide fans of mature and atmospheric first-person shooters with the best possible single-player experience we can offer. We are working on details for pre-orders, and hope to have these available soon.

We are also working with Facebook to change the page name and the state of local pages for content in other languages.

Are your bodies ready to ENTER THE METRO?”

Well? Are your bodies ready? Because if they’re not, well, you’ve got some time now.

It’s understandable that Deep Silver’s delayed the game a bit considering that the transition from one publisher to another might wreak havoc on the development of a game. It’s nice to see that Metro’s new owners aren’t going to simply rush the game out and reap all the benefits of the hard work done under THQ’s banner. At the very least, it seems as though the new ownership wants to make sure that the best game possible is put out on the shelves.

  1. My Body is ready. TAKE ME TO THE METRO!!!! OH YOU DEMONS!

  2. Deep silver seem like they want the best possible game to come out, glad they are

  3. I hope the time is spent wisely. From that static message above, it sounds as if they aren’t working in a safe environment… probably have walkers chained to their legs to keep em on edge. :)

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