Bewitching New Witcher 3 Screens and Details

CD Projekt Red released a whole slew of new, hi-res images from the upcoming next-gen title, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The Polish developer also revealed some more details about the game, which is set for release in 2014. Apparently the title’s open world will be 30 times bigger than the world you could explore in The Witcher 2, and that the players’ decisions throughout the game will really, truly affect the way the game unfolds.

Best of all: there’s going to be a tutorial! There were lots of complaints about the last games in the franchise being way too hard on new players, resulting in a lot of frustration and controller throwing. With the tutorial system, hopefully that kind of misery will be put to rest.

CDPR’s fact sheet also claims that players will experience wholly different ecosystems and cultures as they move through different regions in the game, resulting in totally unique experiences in each area. Overall The Witcher 3 sounds incredibly ambitious in terms of creating a world on a grand scale. Will it stand toe-to-toe with the reigning champion in this department, Skyrim? Possibly. Are you excited about The Witcher 3? For my money, I’m more interested in the new Cyberpunk game they’ve got brewing—but that’s me.

  1. My heart stopped when they announced Witcher 3. It shot back up when Cyberpunk was revealed. Two games from CDPR? Best time to be alive. Ever.

  2. YES! Roach is back!!

    And it looks like some awesome Horse combat mechanics too!

  3. Why do all the new game studios says “the players’ decisions throughout the game will really, truly affect the way the game unfolds.” ? Is that the new hype coming?

    • I lost all hope for this type of gameplay mechanic the moment Activision announced that choices and consequences were being implemented in Blops 2. Still, Witcher is the only game to ever make choices actually feel like they matter. Bioware failed miserably with Mass Effect.

      • Agreed.

        I’m having difficulty deciding on which of my play through’s from Witcher 2 I want to use. Either my Save Triss and the Mages (Iorveth’s side), or the Iorveth ending with Saskia freed.

        I never like Vernon Roach, I played through his side for the story, but I preferred Iorveth.

    • Witcher makes the choices and consequences in every single detail of the gameplay/journey which is really cool. Unlike any other games (ex. Mass Effect) where only the conversation and loyalty level got changed.

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