OUYA Consoles Shipping to Backers March 28, Journey Dev Co-Founder Joins Team

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After several months of development following its massive Kickstarter success, the Android-powered gaming console OUYA is preparing to ship out to its backers on March 28.

OUYA founder Julie Uhrman made sure to note that the systems “might take a few weeks to get to everyone,” since they “have a lot of OUYAs to ship.” However, these units are exclusive to project backers, as the retail launch is still slated for June of this year.

In regards to games to play on your fancy new Android system, some new ones were announced and will be “coming soon.” Quantum Conundrum developer Airtight Games is working on an OUYA-exclusive title, which team lead Kim Swift says is a “funky, unique game.”

Minority Media, creators of Papo & Yo, are piecing together a puzzle-adventure game for OUYA this fall. It will make use of the gamepad’s buttons and touchpad. Tripwire Interactive is also bringing its game The Ball to OUYA in March, not to mention an exclusive new title that’s yet to be revealed.

Finally, ChronoBlade is coming to OUYA. Neat.

And aside from those few game announcements and some details on the company’s game jam session, Uhrman also announced that thatgamecompany (creators of Journey) co-founder Kellee Santiago has joined their company as the head of developer relations. Hooray for indie games!

I look forward to walking into my local, currently-suffering Best Buy this coming June and grabbing an OUYA for myself. How about you, dearest readers?

[Source: OUYA via Polygon]

  1. Didnt understand the hype before.

    Still dont understand the hype now.


  2. I think I’m gonna wait a few months, and see how the reviews go. I’m pretty excited for it though, it seems like a pretty nifty idea.

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