Sony Sketches Some Infamous Second Son Details

It’ll be quite a while before we get to actually try out Sony’s PlayStation 4, which also includes, of course, the games that have been announced for it so far. That includes Sucker Punch Productions’ inFAMOUS: Second Son, which has no release date, but will probably be a launch title, and will definitely be exclusive to the PS4.

So if you’re wondering about details, the PlayStation Blog has you covered. The game, starring protagonist Delsin Rowe, will take place in Seattle. According to the post, it seems as though the game will offer up an open-world version of the West Coast city, which would be pretty exciting considering how relatively neglected Seattle is in the realm of video game representation.

The game sounds like it’ll be pretty cool—though, based on the trailer, it did seem to have a lot in common with the X-Men franchise. I wouldn’t be surprised if the development team regards those comics as a source of inspiration for their work on inFAMOUS. Either way, the game looks like it’ll be pretty interesting one way or another.

What do you think? Open-world Seattle? Should you be able to ride the Space Needle into space? Should the characters get health back for ordering coffee? Also: did you know that if you want a regular cup of coffee, you have to order a “cup of drip”? That’s to specify drip coffee as opposed to cappuccinos, macchiato, and babalooeys. Man, those Seattlers love their coffee drinks.

Via PlayStation Blog

  1. It’s totally X-Men.

  2. What I want to know is what are the pre-order bonuses, the specific bonus for each store and why can’t we just get all of the pre-order bonuses from pre-ordering from one store and just add like ten bucks to the initial price instead of making us wait until they put them on the store cuz that’s bullshit and I would really love it if Sucker Punch didn’t become another Bioware/EA by doing stuff they did. Oh and for the love all in all possible universes why the fuck is the good ending the canon one afuckinggain?!

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