Sony Apologizes for Neglecting Last Guardian on Wednesday

last guardian

As the hype was building to Wednesday’s PlayStation 4 press conference, plenty of folks were sure that they’d hear something about the long-delayed Last Guardian from Fumito Ueda, especially considering that there was something resembling an update on the game last week.

Of course, we didn’t hear anything.

Same old, same old. According to Kotaku, Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida offered an apology for the fact that, once again, fans are waiting and wondering what the hell is going on with this game (that will seriously never come out):

“I apologize to people who are waiting for the game. Ueda-san posted that he’s still working on it, that he’s creative-directing it and that the team in the Japan studios are working hard. We are waiting for the right time to re-introduce The Last Guardian.”

When asked if the game might actually be in-development for the PlayStation 4 and not the PS3, Yoshida said, “We’re going to talk about it when we can.”

There you go. Sony had a great opportunity to prove the haters wrong and reveal that the game would be hitting the PS4. It’d have been a done deal, and would’ve silenced people for at least another year while they got the game ready and finished. Instead…nothing.

Can we all just agree that we’re never going to see what’s up with this dog-bird-thing? Because this game is definitely not ever going to come out. EVER.

Okay, maybe someday. But probably not.

Via Kotaku

  1. I think the omission of Last Guardian from the event just confirms it will be for the PS4. If they haven’t announced it yet, I feel it would be ridiculous to announce it and still release it for the PS3, at this point…

  2. I swear to god, it’s going to be like Duke Nukem and Aliens. Game is in development hell for god knows how long, everybodys hyped… It will most likely flop and dissappoint everybody.

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