DualShock 3 Controllers Won’t Work on PlayStation 4

We already know that you’ll have to toss all your old games or hang on to your PS3 if you want a PlayStation 4. Well here’s another kick to the wallet — the PlayStation 4 won’t work with your old controllers either.

This isn’t a terrible shock; PlayStation 2 controllers didn’t work with the PS3. However, PlayStation 2 controllers didn’t cost sixty goddamn dollars. We don’t know what a DualShock 4 will cost, but my guess is it won’t be lower than $60.

The associated costs of a PlayStation 4 are starting to climb. If it doesn’t come with a game, that means you’ll have to drop another $60 (minimum) on at least one game. If you want to play two-player, that means yet another $60 for a second controller.

Regardless of what the sticker price is, you may as well tack another $120 onto it. All that and we don’t even know if the online service will have an associated fee yet either.

Now I’m not fanboying about Nintendo here, but this is a major factor that will matter to a lot of consumers come Holiday 2013. Say you have a parent in Gamestop that is just trying to buy a gaming system for their kid. Either they get the cheaper system that works with Wii Sports and all the controllers they already bought, or a more expensive system that you have to buy $60 games for and none of their existing hardware works with it.

For a lot of parents that are just buying systems for their kids, $200 in cost is more than enough to make a decision one way or the other.

[via Game Informer]

  1. Reading/Watching all this ps4 stuff is just like doom and gloom for me as a 360 owner. 360 gonna be $500 console, $40 extra controller, $120 two games (Watchdogs and whatever launch crap), $30 additional headset, $40 XBL subscription and whatever season pass/pre order bonus/ltd edition crap. (I don’t know $ well). New xbox more likely to be cheaper..?

  2. Not a terrible shock? More like, a DUAL shock. Hark hark hark.

  3. Not sure if Sony’s trying a new leaf or simply pulling an Apple’s “Lightning Cable”.

  4. I don’t know about everyone else, but Nintendo really disappointed me with the Wii U. Sony is likely gunning with MS to burn Nintendo out of the console wars within the next 2-3 years.

  5. I’m so sick of every newer console not being backwards compatible. :\

    • The entire history of consoles, I think only 3 had full backwards compatibility, from the last gen, only one had full backwards capabilities, not sure why everyone is so furiously disappointing with something that was never the norm to begin with.

      • Yeah, but Sony majorly started backwards compatibility with the PS2, so everyone wants to see it done in every other PlayStation console

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