ZeniMax Trademarks Dishonored-Themed “Brigmore Witches” and “Void Walker’s Arsenal”

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A post on Fusible today reports that ZeniMax, the parent company of Bethesda Softworks—which is the publisher of last year’s first-person-steampunk-assassination game, Dishonored—has filed for two new trademarks. “The Brigmore Witches” and “Void Walker’s Arsenal,” both of which can be linked to Dishonored’s in-game world and backstory.

Linked how, exactly? The Brigmore Witches are mentioned in Rumors and Sighting: Daud, an in-game book. The witches are listed as allies of the titular Daud, according to a quote included in the post. As for the other trademark filing, “The Void” is, apparently, an alternate dimension in Dishonored, so there’s that.

So how do these trademark filings signify a potential new round of DLC? ZeniMax has done this before. In the case of Skyrim’s DLC packs—Hearthfire, Dragonborn, and Dawnguard—there were trademark filings reported weeks or months before the DLCs were announced. As such, it seems like a pretty solid bet. Add to that the fact that Dishonored did pretty well last year, but has only had one DLC offering, the Dunwall City Trials, and it seems pretty clear that Bethesda and ZeniMax must have something up their collective corporate sleeves that they’ve yet to reveal.

Keep your eyes peeled for some announcements in the near future.

Via Fusible

  1. Can’t wait for some DLC for Dishonored. I think this is actually the first time that I want DLC. Normally I hate it, but I’d really like a reason to keep playing Dishonored.

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