Battlefield 4 Confirmed by Gamestop CEO, BF3 on Sale


Gamestop CEO J. Paul Raines tweeted yesterday afternoon that he “got to see Battlefield 4 today” via the official Gamestop Twitter. Just like that, Battlefield 4 is confirmed.

I initially thought that it might have been a type-o or something silly, but the tweet has since been implicitly confirmed by two separate and official sources. About twenty minutes after the Gamestop tweet, the official account for EA’s online storefront Origin tweeted simply that “BF4 is coming!” and launched a Battlefield sale on the service they represent.

Still not convinced? The official Battlefield account retweeted Raines’ original message, asking that everyone “BE ADVISED.”

There’s no media, screens, or info out for Battlefield 4 just yet, but you can replace your desire for BVVVT BVVT BVVVT trailers with the previously-mentioned Battlefield sale on OriginBattlefield 3 is a ridiculously cheap $10, with BF3 Premium costing $30.

Older games like Battlefield 2142, Battlefield 2, and Battlefield Bad Company 2 are also available for $5 each.

  1. Didn’t Battlefield 4 get confirmed last year when it was revealed that you would get access to the BETA if you pre-ordered MOH: Warfighter?

  2. Pretty sure it was announced when Medal Of Honor: Warfighter came out with the Battlfield 4 Beta promise

  3. So it was, we just have an internal policy of pretending Warfighter didn’t exist.

    • It’s important for the world to forget the tragedy that was Warfighter. And yet, no one shall be able to recover, not entirely. Hell will freeze over before EA refunds our 60 bucks…

  4. I’ve been meaning to get BF3 on pc since i upgraded, i’m gonna go buy it now.

  5. $10?

    The UK’s equivalent of the sale is £10 which equates to $15. If we were going by the exchange rate, our price should be around £6.

    For some reason this irriates me.

  6. Yea battlefield 4 will come out and be the best game to hit any console it comes out on.
    But then cod will make a modern warfare 4 and 12 year old cod fags will declare it better


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