Over Three Million Played in Crysis 3 Beta

crysis 3 beta numbers

EA published a press release today announcing that more than three million gamers downloaded and participated in the Crysis 3 mutliplayer beta, which is a pretty impressive figure for-reals. Not only that, but the people who played it must’ve liked what they saw, because pre-orders for the new game are up 35 percent over that of its predecessor, Crysis 2.

The game launches this coming Tuesday on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, and I expect it’ll perform a whole lot better than the other big releases from the year so far. DmC’s sales turned out to be pretty disappointing, and the drama surrounding the botched development Aliens: Colonial Marines continues to unfold. Will Crysis 3 snap the streak of lackluster heavy hitters in 2013? I say, yeah, it probably will.

  1. I don’t necessarily expect miracles, due to the recent failures of other games, but Crysis 3 is the game that I anticipated the most going into this year. I would think it would do well, as Crytek generally know what they’re doing.
    Guess we’ll find out next week.

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