New Mario & Luigi Dream Team Screens

Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct broadcast was a bit underwhelming to me in a lot of ways. Sure, the 3DS is getting a lot of love, but I would’ve liked to see more Wii U games—and as for the 3DS’s big releases, I don’t care much for golf, even the Mario-infused kind.

But I’ll tell you what did tickle my fancy: the announcement of the new Mario & Luigi: Dream Team title for the 3DS. Would I rather have it on the Wii U? Absolutely, but since it’s not going to be there, I’ll take what I can get. The Mario & Luigi series of games are known for being interesting, creative, funny, and just some of the best handheld RPG titles around. This new one, with its “mess-with-Luigi-on-the-touchscreen” mechanic, looks fantastic, and a really great way to incorporate the 3DS’s unique possibilities.

Take a look at the screenshots Nintendo published today. I want this game. And I’ll be able to get it this freakin’ summer. YAY!

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