Leaked Promo Pegs Watch Dogs for Holiday 2013 Release

watch dogs leak 1

Image via Kotaku.

A post on Kotaku offers up an alleged promotional poster for Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, which was first unveiled at E3 last year. The leaked images boast a G4 quote describing the game as a “truly next-gen adventure,” as well as a banner that says it’ll be out during the 2013 holiday season for “all home consoles.”

watch dogs leak 2

Image via Kotaku.

The post, rightfully, asks many questions regarding what, exactly, “all” means. The conventional wisdom of the industry says that both Microsoft and Sony will have next-generation consoles out by this holiday season, and, barring any unforeseen disaster, the Wii U ought to still be kicking around.

So where will we see this game? The post says it’s been confirmed that Watch Dogs will hit the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC for sure—so chances now seem pretty good that Sony and Microsoft’s next-generation systems will get the game as well. And considering Ubisoft’s early (if shaky) support for the Wii U during that console’s launch late last year, I’d like to think that Watch Dogs will come out for that platform as well.

Until Ubisoft confirms its release platforms, though, we won’t know anything for sure. Stay tuned for more updates.

Via Kotaku

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