Destiny Pre-Order Details Leaked From Best Buy

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Image Courtesy of Destructoid.

The folks over at Destructoid have received an image of a pre-order card for Destiny, Bungie’s upcoming game that has nothing to do with Halo, which contains some interesting tidbits as well as a sweet galactic image on the cover.

The image of the card was reportedly sent by someone who possesses Best Buy promotional materials, or is perhaps a very talented graphic designer with a ton of time on his hands. Since we’re not really all that skeptical, we’ll go with the former assumption and believe it’s a rogue employee who wants some internet recognition.

If you read the card closely, you can make out that it has an “incredible story” (thank goodness), as well as customizable gear, genre-defining gameplay, and multiplayer modes in both competitive and cooperative flavors.

The reveal of Destiny will take place on Sunday, and will be subject to tons of press coverage that’s currently under embargo (meaning we can’t release it yet). We got some quality time with the game ourselves not too long ago, and we’ll share those delicious details with you very soon.

Until then, excelsior!

[Source: Destructoid]

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