Dead Space 3 Valentine’s Day Giveaway


If you’re lucky enough to have a significant other today, then happy Valentine’s day! If you’re single, then go away because this post isn’t for you! In honor of ‘here’s some chocolate so I don’t have to be nice to you for the rest of the year’ day, Inside Gaming would like to give away some Dead Space 3 codes. Now you can spend the evening with your chosen partner (or friend, we’re not picky) crushing heads and slicing necromorphs.

We have codes for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, which means we need a winner per platform! For those who can’t count, that’s three winners! Each winner will receive 14 codes total (well 12 for the Xbox), making that 7 (6) codes for each partner. 

Origin and PlayStation 3:

  • Tau Volantis Survival Kit (bundle of Marauder, Sharpshooter, Tundra, and Bot Accelerator)
  • Marauder suit pack
  • Sharpshooter suit pack
  • Tundra suit pack
  • Bot Accelerator
  • Bot Capacity
  • Bot Personality

Xbox 360:

  • Marauder suit pack
  • Sharpshooter suit pack
  • Tundra suit pack
  • Bot Accelerator
  • Bot Capacity
  • Bot Personality

Here are some kinds words from our friends at EA:

The Dead Space 3 team would like to say thanks to all our passionate fans and is giving away a pair of free download codes to all currently available weapon, suit and resource packs to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  You can share it with a friend or your significant other.

Now how do you enter? Just leave a comment below with a picture of you and your sweetheart (or friend, whatever) doing something gaming-related together. It can be a picture of you two cosplaying, wearing matching game shirts, playing some Rockband or even in-game screenshots of you kicking ass in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. Simply post the URL in the comment!

You have until midnight to enter, and the winners will be notified tomorrow!


Apologies for the late update, and thank you to everyone who participated! There were some great entries; I decided to consider all of them since I wasn’t very timely. I’d love to give everyone some codes, but unfortunately EA isn’t taking our calls anymore. Here are our winners, who will be contacted soon with their prizes…


Mike Fortil and his man crush

DS3Contest_NismoZ32 (PS3)

NismoZ32 and his sweetheart ready to star in the next Luigi’s Mansion game


Igor giving it to his friend…

And an honorable mention (which means nothing except a “thanks for playing!”) to Nicolas Moreno… forever alone.

DS3Contest_Nicolas Moreno

  1. Wait you can give your collector bots personalities?! I’m intrigued.

  2. How do I post the pic? If you email me, I can email it to you. XBox please

  3. Me and my friend totally need this because we are about half way through the story in dead space 3 on hardcore and were stuck! and there really isn’t a way to get by it.

  4. i want a code plzzzz i just need 3

  5. I’d love a code:-) Not sure how you upload pictures on this site though :( I’m newish to IGD :D

  6. I want some codes ! :3

  7. I’ll take those codes for you if they are in your way EA

  8. Dead Space 3!!!

  9. Im so alone…. and dont care wooo! bachelor life for me! skyrim all day and oblivion by night.

  10. Dead Space 3!

  11. Games and relationships… You can’t ever really have both. :S

  12. a code for xbox look to ar the picture

  13. how this will be hard i hope i win

  14. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! you really think that someone with a life or a girlfriend will be on there computer on valentines day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no ones going to post a picture so just give DEM codes to me ps3 xbox or PC i have all three…. and no life, i have a brother i can play with if that counts for something….

  15. :D. I love inside gaming, but I was a little sad when Matt left, but I think the show is actually doing fine, not as good of course but better than most people expected. :) Good job Kovik!

  16. ps3 codes pls :D

  17. Ps3! Ps3! Ps3!

  18. dead space

  19. I want to get dead space 3 and i couldn’t publish the picture

  20. I think its quite depressing how most of us don’t have significant others to take pictures with..*forever alone* EA, machinima be kind to us and just give away the codes ;)
    PS3 plz

  21. heres a pic of my sentimental partner playing dead space 2, she says if i dont win a code for the ps3, she wont hug me later :(

  22. PS3 Codes pls!

    Because I wolud actually be here on valentine playing Dead Space 3 cuz fuck my ex girlfriend.

  23. Pro TF2 prop-hunters <3

  24. How nice of them to give us codes! XBOX!!! :D

    Heres me and my sweetheart at a college zombie event.
    PS3 codes please :)
    Happy Necro.. Err. Valentines Day!

  26. If I hope to be working with EA someday, I’m sure I can spare at least one picture to their great products.

  27. God i want to win those so badly hardcore is so hard i don’t know i will do it without it!

  28. Me and my buddy mission have been wanting to play through Dead Space 3 co op on PC for awhile now. I wanna suprise him with some codes! Happy valentines day Kovic!

  29. Well, I don’t have a GF so I won’t mess around. Here is a picture of me and my friend: and we would kill for some Dead Space 3 codes (Possibly PC, but hey, I’d feel lucky just winning one of the prizes).

    P.S. If anyone asks, I’m dominant.

  30. give me a code, just ONE CODE is alright!!!


  32. i just want a dead space 3 code thats all i want please D: !

  33. This must be the most commented post ever :)

  34. please please please one ps3 code is all i want :)

  35. “Life is like a box of chocolates. You’ll never know what you will get.”

  36. Me and my comrade! our bromance can bring down walls! I’m just waiting for him to get Dead space 3. Our love will bring down the necromorphs!

  37. dont got much in the way of pictures at the moment, i would love some deadspace 3 codes! :) it would mea. a ton!! :))

  38. Heath ledgers joker and Harley Quinn, we went to a theme park for Halloween, we love dead space!!

  39. Would really love some Dead Space 3 for PC!!!!! This is me and my friend back when we did portal i was ALWAYS Atlas lol

  40. here’s a picture me playing with my girl ………. Ps3 code by the way


    This sums it up!
    Contrary to popular belief she kicks my ass in Gundam extreme vs.

    She plays a scary qubeley
    PS: I’m going for the 360 codes

  42. So ready for DS3!

    Me and my cousins playing video games a few years ago

  43. PS 3 Code, and we were cosplaying as finn and fiona at youmacon this past year

  44. Didn’t this end 1 day ago?

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