UPDATE: Michel Ancel and Dev Team Join Protest of Rayman Legends’ Delay

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According to a post on Gamasutra, the a fan named Joffrey Babilotte made the sign and brought it to the Ubisoft Montpellier studio, where Ancel and the dev-team posed with him. So, no, they didn’t make the sign in the first place, but they certainly didn’t seem to shy away from Babilotte’s sentiments.

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The saga of Ubisoft’s decision to delay Rayman Legends continues to unfold, as the game’s creative director, Michel Ancel, is now publicly protesting the move to September.

Today CVG posted the above image of Ancel and his development team holding a sign with a tearful Rayman and the slogan “Release Rayman, Support Ubi Montpellier.” Clearly the developers are just as unhappy about the game’s new release date as the fans.

Ancel and his team are widely regarded as the creative driving force for some of the game’s most memorable and popular titles. Ancel is often thought of as Ubisoft’s Shigeru Miyamoto, and with good reason: the Rayman series has been a reliable source of success for the company, and Beyond Good and Evil is widely regarded as a modern-day classic. Could you imagine Miyamoto doing something like this? Probably not—but then, there’s a reason that France has a reputation for staging revolutions.

This situation is getting pretty rough for Ubisoft. Yesterday the company announced a new, exclusive Rayman Legends demo coming to the Wii U—news that most fans took as little more than an insult to their hopes for what was supposed to be one of the console’s exclusive killer apps.

After yesterday’s announcement, I kind of figured Ubisoft wouldn’t give any ground on the issue. But now that Ancel and his development team is publicly decrying the decision, it makes me wonder what will happen next. I’m still confident that the game will stay under wraps until September—despite the fact that Ubisoft has confirmed it’s finished—but clearly this growing PR nightmare is only getting worse.


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