New Disney Infinity Figures Unveiled at Toy Fair

Right now, over in Manhattan, the annual Toy Fair is going on. It’s a yearly trade show for folks in the toy business, which sometimes overlaps with the world of video games, so if there’s a new video game based on G.I. Joe, Transformers, or any other toy-like property, it’s going to be on display.

That also includes the relatively new kind of toy/video game hybrid represented by Activision’s Skylanders and Disney Interactive’s Disney Infinity line, and the former has just a little bit of new stuff that’s been revealed.

As you can see in the screens below, the two figures that are being publicized are the Monsters University versions of Mike and Sully, along with their themed base for importing the figures into the Disney Infinity game world. The figures’ looks seem much more cartoony and stylized than that of their movie counterparts, a design aesthetic that’s reflected in what we’ve seen in the game’s trailer (above).

Personally, I think it’s a cool choice, and will make all the disparate properties fit into one game-universe. Still enough elements to make the characters recognizable, but reduced to their iconic essence in a way that makes them all fit together in one environment.

But, as interesting as this is, will Disney Infinity hold that much interest for those of us who consider ourselves “real” gamers, and not just kids? As I’ve speculated before, I think Disney would make a killing if they expanded this line of toys to include the Marvel and Star Wars universes…just imagine teaming Jack Sparrow up with Spider-Man and Han Solo to fight that fat octopus lady from Little Mermaid. HOW EPIC WOULD THAT BE? (The answer is very, very epic.)

Take a look at the figures:



mike_sulley_base 001

  1. Wake me when spider-man and captain america figurines surface, you could also try if a Han Solo one appears, but that’s wishful thinking.

    • Why stop at Solo? Hell, I’m waiting for a Leia figurine… And I’m talking Return of the Jedi Leia, if you get my drift. :D

      • Let’s give that “Slave Leia” thing a rest once and for all, shall we?

      • What are you talking about? I was referring to her camouflage gear. Yes, the camo… The camo that made her blend into Jaba’s palace soooo perfectly… Sooooooooooo perfectly…

        *Starts the cold shower*

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