Aliens Colonial Marines DLC and Season Pass Announced

aliens bug hunt

The long-awaited release of Aliens: Colonial Marines is finally just around the corner on February 12, and today Gearbox and Sega have announced the game’s first DLC pack: “Bug Hunt,” a new multiplayer mode which will be available to download starting in March, and described thusly:

“‘Bug Hunt’ will throw players into an all-new cooperative multiplayer mode where they have to take on waves of increasingly difficult enemies (‘Xenomorphs’) in three brand new maps based on environments from the ALIENS film. Equipped with deadly attack abilities, the Xenomorphs are built to kill and will hunt the Colonial Marines down relentlessly. Players will need to utilize in their best tactics, team up and cooperate against the flood of aliens, who will use every possible path in the environment to get to the Colonial Marines and destroy them.”

The pack alone will cost $14.99, but Sega also announced a season pass for the game’s four planned DLC packs, which will cost $29.99. The press release boasts that buying the season pass will get you almost 40 percent in savings versus buying each pack separately…so that’s pretty good. Getting the season pass is usually a pretty good deal if you plan on getting all the Alien-infested goodness you can wrap your sweaty hands around.

Of course, if you’re feeling like you’re not sure about whether or not you’ll want the DLC, you can pre-order the game from Walmart: doing so will get you a free download of “Bug Hunt.” So that’s pretty good, right? RIGHT.

I’m still pretty excited about this one…your thoughts?

  1. I’d love to get the LE but I can’t justify frivolous man-toys this month.

    I’d get the season pass, but I had a bad experience with that already (BL2).

    At this point, to damn jaded to trust the word that it’ll be good enough to invest in.

  2. any one else notice that dlc keeps increasing in price for smaller amounts of content

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