Dead Space 3 DLC Announced

dead space 3 dlc

Are you done with Dead Space 3 yet? What? You mean you haven’t finished playing the game that just came out today? JEEZ. Well, when you are, you’re not actually done, as EA and Visceral just announced the forthcoming release of downloadable extra content slated for March.

According to a press release published this morning, Dead Space 3: Awakened, will cost $9.99 (800 Microsoft Points), and will feature Necromorph battles that are “even more gruesome and terrifying than ever before.”

Said Visceral’s VP and General Manager Steve Papoutsis:

“In Dead Space 3 Awakened, gamers will experience some of the most disturbing content they have ever seen in a Dead Space game – they are going to love it.”

Waugh! Disturbing! Gruesome! Terrifying!

Just in case you’re wondering if the actual main game is any good, don’t hesitate to check out our review right here.

  1. “Hey guys! Thanks for spending $60 on our game that just came out! Oh btw we saved the BEST gory stuff for a DLC that will be coming out soon for another $10! And in no way does this undermine the product we have just sold and we only told you after you bought it because we thought you should know, the nice guys we are!

    And for those cheeky little guys who want to buy it second hand? Well, you will need to buy an online pass, and no we don’t mean XBL! A special one that you need for our games – each and everyone of them”

  2. EA being EA.


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