PS Plus Members Get Guardians of Middle Earth

ps plus 2.5.13

Once again, Sony kills it with the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection. According to the PlayStation Blog, starting tomorrow, PS3 gamers who have a membership with the service will be able to download Lord of the Rings: Guardians of Middle Earth for free. Just to remind you, this is a game that came out only in December, and has gotten overall positive reviews—including a 9 from us. So that’s pretty good.

And, of course, there are discounts as well: Karatekais $5 on the PS3, Big Sky Infinity is $5.99 for PS3 and PS Vita (with Cross-Buy enabled, meaning you get it on both platforms with one purchase), and Knytt Underground has the same deal going between PS3 and Vita for $8.99.

Are you not impressed? Are these not IMPRESSIVE? I, for one, will be downloading Guardians tomorrow. And—don’t forget. PS Plus membership has an extra three months for free when you buy a year-long membership up until March 4. I’m just waiting for that paycheck for my renewal…

Via PlayStation Blog

  1. Ya this has been free for a couple weeks now

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