Mysterious “Osiris” Project is Actually a Canceled Ubisoft Game

osiris canceled

Last week, we posted about footage of Osiris, a project that seemed to be in-development from the Ubisoft Montreal team. There were rumors that it might’ve been a Prince of Persia reboot, or something entirely new…but above all, it seemed kind of neat and intriguing.

Well, according to a post on Polygon (scroll to the bottom), the game isn’t really anything at all…at least, not anymore:

“The content in question was from a Ubisoft project that is no longer moving forward.”

Dang. Osiris is nothing more than a dead project. Too bad—it looked pretty cool, and goodness knows we can always use more new IPs rather than reboots, sequels, and prequels.

Good luck in video game limbo, Osiris, whatever you were.

Via Polygon

  1. Maybe this was going to be the Egyptian version of the God of War series, where we face Anubis and the rest of the bunch. This could also explain that one pic with the “Black Kratos.”

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