IGN Acquired by Ziff Davis Publishing Company


Ziff Davis, the digital publishing company behind PCMag, AppScout and LogicBuy, has purchased IGN Entertainment from its previous owner News Corporation for an unspecified amount of dough. J2 Global, parent company of Ziff Davis, announced the acquisition today.

IGN, along with its sibling sites – GameSpy, AskMen, File Planet and 1Up – will officially fall under the umbrella of the Ziff Davis brand, which includes aforementioned sites like PCMag.

News Corporation stated that this sale is part of the company’s initiative to separate its entertainment and publishing divisions, plain and simple. How much this sale went down for is still unknown, but GamesIndustry reports that it was less than the $100 million that News Corporation desired.

In 2005, News Corporation scooped up IGN and its siblings for a whopping $650 million, to give you some context. That was also when the Xbox 360 launched – in case you needed some, uh, more context.

[Source(s): IGN, Business Wire, TheNextWeb]

  1. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing

  2. Dear God, it’s happening already… The Mayan’s were right all along…

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