Dead Space 3’s Kinect Voice Command List is Out

dead space kinect

Tomorrow, Dead Space 3 comes out in North America, and the Xbox 360 version has extra special Kinect-based voice commands. Say what you will about the Kinect’s motion-tracking abilities: at the very least, it’s pretty decent at recognizing a user’s voice.

So if you’re wondering what you’ll have to yell at the Kinect in order to get it to stuff, fear not. Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb has you covered. He posted a link to a PDF (which I’ve included right here) that offers up the full list of voice commands.

Everything’s fairly obvious, though, so even if you don’t study up, you ought to be fine. Want to call your AI-controlled partner for help? Yell out, “help me!” Want to ask for a health pack? Say, “I need a health pack!” Do you need to pick up an item? Your course is clear: say “pick up item.”

The jury is out, of course, on whether or not the Kinect voice commands are truly going to represent an increase in quality for what many already consider a great franchise. Do games need voice commands? How will the other platforms cope with their lack of voice commands? Doesn’t the fact that there has to be a cheat sheet like this prove that voice commands aren’t quite as helpful as they ought to be?

Via Major Nelson

  1. Voice Command to Quit Game: “AAAaAAAaaAaaaaaAAaaaAAaAaAAAAAaa-AA–AAA!!!!”

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