Capcom Revises Estimates as DmC Shipments Disappoint

dmc downgrade

In the wake of Capcom’s most recent quarterly financial reports, it’s been revealed that its Devil May Cry reboot hasn’t quite hit the company’s expectations after its first month on the market. By the end of January, DmC shipped a million units for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, according to Joystiq, prompting Capcom to downgrade its shipping estimates for the end of March from 2 million to 1.2 million. For comparison’s sake, the post reports that the previous entry in the series, Devil May Cry 4, shopped 2 million units in its first two weeks.

The figures don’t take PC sales into account, but regardless, it’s not a pretty picture. And DmC isn’t the only game that’s offered up disappointing shipping numbers. The post reports that Resident Evil 6’s 4.5 million shipped by late September has caused its March 31 estimates to be reduced from 7 million to 4.8 million.

The relatively disappointing sales of DmC—which has earned pretty universal love from critics and reviewers—starts to poke holes in the idea of rebooted game franchises in general. Should we have the same worry for Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix’s Tomb Raider reboot that’s just around the corner? Would Capcom have been better off just sticking a “5” after their game and continuing whatever crazy story they had going?

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  1. Speaking by myself and a few friends, DMC 4 was a HUGE letdown, caused massive hype and didn’t deliver anything, and none of ‘em had any interest whatsoever on this one, specially after the boring redesign, ’cause lets face it, Dante is one step above over the top, and the new design looked very tame in comparison, almost realistic.

    Regardless, I tried the game, I still do not like his look, don’t really liked the story that much, but the game is very, veeery solid, made me replay a few times and I’m already planning getting for other systems, only thing now is convince people to try it too.

  2. I don’t know, I just found the art direction and level design unplayable in this game. Some may call it artistic genius, but I just think it was absolutely horrid and would never play it. Just my 2 cents.

  3. The game isn’t that bad actually, My only guess is that Capcom was not good with their customers recently i mean with their DLC sucking on their game fan wallet has been terrible. Plus RE6 wasn’t even worth playing it for 5/m with the bad camera angle.
    Bottom line Capcom need to improve their reputation before trying to release another game.

  4. My thoughts are the exact opposite from Poochop . Fantastic game !!!

  5. I really liked the previous 4 games, though dmc 4 was a bit different with Nero and all. This game though I just cannot stand the new Dante he is an asshole of a jerk. Yes, the gameplay is good, but Dante in the previous games was an awesome character why change that?!?

  6. I saw a lets play from the very first mission to the ending credits and it is a good game, in my opinion made for new players that want to get in to the hack and slash genre, I like the past 4 games (I like DMC2 because it was my first game) and I don´t hate the game, is good in it´s own way.

    But Capcom will not get my money until I see DMC 5, bring back the old school over the top japanese action!!!

  7. RE6 wasn’t actually all that bad. The Chris campaign pretty much summarizes the entire series: the smarter the zombies become, the dumber and more annoying everything else becomes, especially Chris. DMC I believe is walking down a pretty similar path.

    • I think the “problem” with RE5 and 6 (and I say that being very fond of 5) is that in older RE entries, you had zombies everywhere and mutations (like a licker) in very key spots for that “OMG I’M DOOMED” feeling, then come 4 they sorta started tipping the balance, less zombies more freaks, and in 6 the things swap it almost entirely, because other than the Leon campaign you have mutations everywhere with a key zombies here and there for jump scares.

      It became an action shooter instead of a survival horror, and a pretty decent action shooter, swap every enemy from RE6 with mechs, call it Lost Planet 3 and no one would ever be wiser.

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