Video Game Championship Wrestling Season 2 Finale Tonight

Yes, that is Nappa from Dragon Ball Z power slamming Gabe Newell so hard he breaks the stage.

And that’s exactly why tonight you should cancel all your plans and tune in to this Twitch channel at 6PM EST / 3PM PST (convert) to watch the Season Two Finale of the Video Game Championship Wrestling series.

The women’s division starts an hour early, so drop in if you want to see Carmen Sandiego clean house.

If you’re unfamiliar with Video Game Championship Wrestling, it’s the amazing work of Bazza87. Not only do the broadcasts contain ultra smackdowns between video game characters (both fictional and real-life), but scripted drama sequences that construct a plot about as absurd as you’d expect of video game wrestling.

Also, more gifs:

If you want to catch up on the plot of Season Two, read this amazing summary on the VGCW Wiki, and check out this Google Doc for a look at the current brackets and teams.

Of course, nothing beats actually watching the events, so check here for archives of the matches with live chat included on YouTube.

Will we discover the identity of the mysterious Mr. L?!? Will Raphael lose his belt?!?! Watch tonight to find out!

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