Capcom Could Reboot Resident Evil as an Open-World Game

resident evil reboot

A post on Eurogamer yesterday reported that Capcom may consider a reboot of the Resident Evil franchise. The news comes by way of Masachika Kuwata, the producer of Resident Evil Revelations, who explained that if the series were to go with an open-world approach to gameplay, a “slight reboot” of the franchise might be in order:

“If we did [go with an open-world], we would want to preserve what Resident Evil is and what makes it appealing to fans, while also making it accessible to new players. It would almost entail having a slight reboot to get the series into a place where it would work with open-world gameplay. That’s just a personal opinion.

A lot of decisions would have to be taken before something like that is done to the series, but […] there is a possibility.”

HOWEVER: don’t take this as anyone saying, “the next RE game will be an open-world reboot,” because Kuwata went ahead and said that ain’t the case later on in the post:

“If anyone is waiting for an open-world Resident Evil, I think it will certainly be quite a while. So in the meantime, I recommend giving Revelations [which is being ported to home consoles in May] a try.”

Thoughts? Would you want an open-world version of Resident Evil? For that matter, what about a reboot? Lay it on us.

Via Eurogamer

  1. Dead Island pretty much beat Capcom to this idea. I would go insane (with joy) if they made it open world, but I think I would prefer it to be a spinoff, akin to Operation Raccoon City. Just don’t turn it into a squad-centered game… Seriously. Single player only or GTFO.

    • Dead Island is not open world, it just has insanely large areas, and a buckton of backtracking.

      Anyway, an open world RE game could be awesome if they skew from the fixed mission model, if not, then it’s just GTA with zombies, no reason to be open world since regardless of how many times you play, the progression is still the same.

    • Dead island was very good and I’m playing riptide

  2. Personally, I think Capcom needs to take a nice look at the original 3 RE games and apply that to the next. Resident Evil was introduced as a horror-survival game, and should really stay that way. I’m dying for a real horror-survival game, and if the series is going to continue, the least they could do is apply the same theme that we all love; instead of the co-operative gameplay that doesn’t necessarily apply that fear aspect. Don’t get me wrong, I really do enjoy Resident Evil 6, I just think there should be a single-player based Resident Evil with an additional co-op setting.

  3. Capcom should really reboot it as in take RE remake and turn it into HD graphics with the third person camera.. Leave everything the way it was crimson heads, and slow zombies and curious puzzles !! bring the horror back please capcom..

  4. It could just be another dead rising game but the game would probably have it’s own features.
    Personally I think an open world resident evil would give you hours of fun

  5. Let’s see if capcom could make an open world resi as good as the last of us and dead island because they were 2 of my favourite zombie games

  6. Just to add to my last comment
    Capcom should keep the third person view but add in the ability to make your own character and play through the story as him

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