Bethesda Finally Confirms Skyrim DLC Dates on PS3

skyrim dlc psn

Two days ago, Betehsda VP Pete Hines tweeted that a firm release date for Skyrim DLC on the PlayStation 3 would arrive soon, and, lo and behold, it’s finally arrived: according to the Bethblog, PS3 gamers in North America will get their first shot at “Dragonborn” on February 12. “Hearthfire” will follow a week later on February 19, and “Dawguard” will appear yet one week more on February 26.

And the DLC will all be 50 percent off during its first week on the PSN, making “Dawnguard” and “Dragonborn” both about $10 instead of their usual price of $20, and “Hearthfire” will be a mere $2 instead of $4 (these prices, I should note, are estimates based on their current prices on XBLA…though I’m pretty sure they’re accurate).

So there you go. Two more weeks of waiting, and then you’re all set. Meanwhlie, European PS3 gamers will have their firm release date soon…so keep your eyes peeled. It’s happening for real, you guys.

Via Bethblog

  1. Whilst in Europe (Norway at least) the prices will be down from $40 to $20 and $4 from $8……… I hate the prices here…

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