After Sony Teaser, PS4 Specs-Ulation Continues

ps4 speculation

As you’re certainly aware by now, yesterday Sony went ahead and announced that they’re going to make a big announcement—pre-hype is always fun, right? –that most people believe is going to be the reveal of the PlayStation 4 console. In response, the business of speculation regarding the new console’s specs keeps on going, with a post on Edge offering up alleged details about what Sony has up its sleeve. Where’d the information come from? Sources. Development sources.

So what’s the new stuff? Corroborating with recent rumors, the post says that the PlayStation 4 will “ship with a redesigned controller which is the same size as an existing DualShock but features a small touchpad in place of the existing Select, Start and PS buttons.” The controller will also feature a “Share” button that will allow you to post screenshots and video of your gameplay online…pretty cool. According to the unnamed source, the console “will continually record the most recent 15 minutes of onscreen action […] which users will then be able to edit and broadcast live via the Internet.”

The post notes that the recordings will not tax the processing performance, either, adding that the system will be more powerful than the next Xbox console. That’s not too surprising an assertion, considering the PS3’s technical superiority to the Xbox 360. Here are the specs of both consoles, according to Edge’s sources:

“Though Durango devkits offer 8GB of DDR3 RAM, compared to Orbis’s 4GB, Sony’s GDDR5 solution is capable of moving data at 176 gigabytes per second, which should eliminate the sort of bottlenecks that hampered PS3 game performance. Importantly, we’ve learned that Sony has told developers that it is pushing for the final PS4 RAM to match up to Microsoft’s 8GB.

Both platforms are driven by eight-core AMD CPUs clocked at 1.6GHz, with Microsoft opting for a D3D11.x GPU from an unknown source and Sony utilizing a more capable solution in AMD’s ‘R10XX’ architecture, alongside the so-called ‘Liverpool’ system-on-chip.”

Even still, price is important. As cool as all these features are, how much is it going to cost? Even if the PS4 is more powerful than the next Xbox, if it’s significantly more expensive, don’t be surprised to see Sony left in Microsoft’s dust.

What’s important to remember, of course, is that all of this is rumor and speculation. This could all very well turn out to be bunk, so we’ll have to wait at least until February 20 for confirmation…if not longer. My bet is that if they are, in fact, going to unveil the next console on that day, we may still be a while off from getting technical specifications.

What do you think? Tiny touchscreen controller? Share button? Continuous gameplay recording?

Via Edge


  1. Sweet! I’ve been hoping for a reveal. I have both the PS3 and 360 but I’m specifically looking forward to the PS4. Hope it’s not $649.99 at launch. Even if it’s not I might hold out for the slim version.

  2. Though not necessarily a Playstation fan, I am very excited to see if this months event will be the announcement everyone thinks it is. If it is indeed the new console, I’m hoping they’ll push Microsoft to finally announce their new machine sooner rather than later. Not that I can afford to buy any new consoles any time soon, I am just super excited to see what the next generation looks like and see some speculation on what sort of games we can expect to see!

  3. I’m quite pumped for this. After getting a Wii U, I feel it’s a no brainer for touchscreens to be in the controllers. It’s insanely helpful.

    I’ll probably pick a PS4 up, if not just for the exclusives. Next to Nintendo, their exclusives are some of the most innovative and entertaining, IMO.

  4. i hope they DON´T unveil PS4…but rather the new OS that will ship with it and will make a first apereance on PS3…that XMB makes me sick…

  5. Yes! It will be the PS4 with a working vagina! With a price so high (anyone else high?), it won’t only be Sony screwing you over!

  6. The unveiling of the PS4… A console so far advanced beyond the competition that Sony couldn’t even construct the console. You instead get an empty box. It will cost $700, a 2nd mortgage, and your soul.

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