PlayStation Announcement Coming on Feb 20

Here we are talking all about next-gen Grand Theft Auto V, but with nothing to actually show for it beyond speculation and hearsay. Well, Sony went ahead and posted a very mysterious and portentous video, which you can see above. Go ahead and watch it. I’ll wait.


Back now? Yeah, it doesn’t say or show much of anything at all—except for a date, which is February 20. Of course, when you head over to, you can click a banner and get invited to sign up for notification of, well, whatever the heck they’re teasing.

Real talk: it’s PlayStation 4, right? I mean, you’d have to be crazy NOT to expect PlayStation 4. We’ve been hearing reports that Sony would unveil their newest console before GDC, which is set for March…so this would be just about right for that.

Of course, if this isn’t teasing PlayStation 4, get ready for some of the angriest and most confused bunch of gamers on the planet. To be totally honest, I’m really hoping it’s just announcing some kind of budget software line. “PlayStation Classics—now only $5!” Man…the internet would melt. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

So, PlayStation 4? PlayStation 4.

  1. Didn’t Sony say they’d let MS expose their console first? Meh thinks this is probably either a new program for Sony, like PS+, or a new peripheral announcement, like Move. I wish I’m wrong about this.

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