PS3 Skyrim DLC Passes Sony Certification in North America

skyrim ps3

The saga of PS3-owning Skyrim gamers has been a tragic one. While the Xbox 360 has enjoyed three DLC packs, and the PC has had two, the PlayStation 3 has gotten a big fat DONUT when it comes to downloadable content packs for Skyrim. Bethesda has been working for months on trying to overcome the technical difficulties that have delayed the DLC, and now it seems that work is paying off.

Here’s what Bethesda VP Pete Hines Tweeted about it:


BOOM! Passed American certification (confirmed in a reply as applying to Canada as well)! Sony Europe is all that stands between Skyrim fans and a week of discounted DLC! DID CHRISTMAS COME EARLY?!

  1. Will there at least be a discount? A present? I haven’t touched Skyrim for…. 7 months or something like that because I have nothing to do on it anymore……

  2. Beth: Shut up and take my money!

  3. Que the Dragonheart theme song.

  4. Will take more than their current offer of half off each during first week of release for me to get it.
    Free…or buy one get all 3 would get me to buy, such as buying Dragonbourne and getting the other two. Just already too many worthy games coming down the pike for my money.

  5. Good news how come it came out the same as America but weren’t told but america were

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