More Layoffs Hit Disney Interactive

disney layoffs

After yesterday’s announcement that Disney-owned Junction Point would be closed, the Los Angeles Times today reports that Disney Interactive was hit with layoffs, with 50 people now out of work. While it’s easy to point to Junction Point’s disappointing sales with Epic Mickey 2 (which, according to NPD, sold 529,000 copies in 2012, nearly twice as much as the previously-reported figure of 270,000), the Disney Interactive layoffs are a bit more of a head-scratcher.

The upcoming Disney Infinity, which is arguably the company’s most ambitious and biggest video game project in quite some time, is being published directly by Disney Interactive—so how would a smaller staff help the company get that done?

Either way, it’s been a rough couple of weeks to work for the video game industry. Our sympathies go out to anyone who lost his or her job today.

LA Times via Joystiq

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